Come and enjoy a luxury day with SEGWAY VLC-CS and the RESTAURANTE RINCON GRIEGO.
Valencia is worldwide known for the spacious coast, the proximity to the people, the popular festivities, the innovative architecture, a 2000 year historical centre, the exquisite gastronomy and….SEGWAY routes!
How many times have you passed by and thought…Let me try!. This is your oportunity. You learn fast to drive and it´s funny on board a SEGWAY . You will discover new sensations which you have never tried before. On a SEGWAY you will feel the most advanced technology at your disposal.
Complete this day in the unique GREEK restaurante of Valencia, taste the different tradicional dishes of the Greek gastronomy for only 70 € + IVA per person.


Come and enjoy our most funny route. Specially designed for users who like to enjoy the highest SEGWAY experience.
On a SEGWAY you pass through the Turia Gardens, along the Music Palace, the Gulliver Park and discover the incredible City of Arts and Science. It takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. It has never been so funny to be a tourist.


STARTERS (for 4 persons)

PIKILIAa variety of tradicional products as starters, meat (pork, chicken, beef, sausages…), potato and salads y some fish and shellfish.

GREEK SALAD, salad develoved in Greece with the unique ingredients of the country with pieces of Greek cheese, caper and Kalamata olives.


MAIN DISH. (You can choose from the following).

MUSAKA, consist of layers of ground meat of lamb, slices of aubergine, tomato, covered with white sauce and baked.
IMAM, Is a combination of vegetarian ingredients. The main ingredient is aubergine, which is filled up with onion, garlic, tomato and fried in olive oil. It´s a variation of karnyark, which normally includes ground meat as an ingredient.

SUSUKAKIA, Some meat balls with Greek species.

PASTICHIO, s a dish with several layers. There exist different variations, but normally you can find the famous bucatini or other tagliatelli with cheese on the top; the second layer consists of ground meat of lamb or beef with tomato sauce and cinnamon, nutmeg or Jamaican pepper; the third layer consists of noodles with roux and egg with bechamel. Normally they add some croutons or cheese.

DESSERT, to share in the middle of the table. A variety of desserts of the Greek gastronomy like yogurt with honey, puff pasty with dry fruit, chocolate truffle with creme.

DRINKS, beer, soft-drinks, water or a glass of wine.