Model Ninebot white

Model Ninebot white

Model Ninebot white


High efficiency

When using the gravity control module, the Ninebot can brake and stop by changing the centre of gravity, instead of the traditional braking system based on friction. And as a result, during the deceleration process, the kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy that is stored in the battery without losing the thermal energy due to friction. In a word, there is no waste of energy.


Zero emissions and no pollution

The Ninebot’s power supply comes from the super-lithium battery, and can be charged by using the household power supply. You can enjoy driving 25-30km at a speed of 20km / h after full charge, without any bad emissions.


The Ninebot is very lightweight, weighs only 23kg.Which makes it 2 times lighter than a Segway. It is possible to fold it, which allows you to take it anywhere. You can easily carry a Ninebot in the trunk of your vehicle.

The Volume

The Ninebot has a small size , which is a little larger than the area projected by the human body. Without a doubt, it is a great personal transporter when it comes to crowded spots.

Ideal Selection

The Ninebot is an ideal tool to travel and move in a busy city due to its small size, unique technology of handling and reliability. The innovation of the design of its structure is based on the principle that “A small body houses a great soul”. With the rapid development of the modern metropolis, Ninebot is being accepted as an excellent solution for travel, tourism and also for use by professionals.

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